обращайся ко мне на "ты"
Очень крутая игра для первого занятия для групп, которые идут не с нуля, и для первого занятия после каникул, например

It is a spin off of the "This or That" game. Here is how it works:

We started by having everyone stand on whatever side of the line they wanted. Then I asked everyone to “switch sides if” the statement applied to them. After some of the statements they were asked to tell someone next to them a little more about themselves.
I wasn’t sure if the game would go well, but it ended up being a lot of fun and got everyone talking. It was really neat to see who switched sides on some of the statements and who had the same things in common with each other and with you.

Here are some of the statements:
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There are many other things you could add to this list to fit your "getting to know you" group.

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